“This is our animal bay,” noted the CEO with a wave of her hand. “It’s in this area that we house a wide variety of animals for our medical research. We use these animals to extract DNA samples for analysis. Then, splicing their stem cells and combing them with nanites we are able to create medicines that will rebuild tissue, conquer diseases like cancer, eliminate infection, and possibly−though we’re not there yet, rebuild entire genetic sub-structures.”nanovision_cover

“So why are all these animals injured?” asked Judy, “Was it done solely for product testing?

Judy’s observation stopped Ethyl in her tracks.

“No, no, heavens no!” exclaimed Ethyl in disbelief. “All the animals you see here were injured or sick long before arriving here. We have an arrangement with the humane society and veterinarians in the area to provide us with animals that need help. Every animal you see here was either sick, hurt, or abused, then abandoned or dropped off at the pound by their owners−most were ready to be put down. We rescued them. Here at NanoBytes we are about extending and improving the quality of life, so we provide them with sanctuary. This is a place where these animals can receive the attention they need along with the medical expertise necessary to cure them. From this relationship we are able to create drugs and medicines that can heal without invasive procedures. Here, let me show you.”

Ethyl took Judy to the cages near the end of the kennel. She stopped and pointed to one. Inside was a small kitten about four months old, sound asleep, with all four of its legs bandaged. Ethyl’s anger was evident as she related the story about the kitten to Judy.

“Some heartless, sick, son-of-a-bitch, if you’ll excuse my French, decided to torture this poor creature by cutting its legs off with pruning shears. It was left to die in a garbage can. Can you imagine? Someone found it and brought it to one of our vets, who stabilized its condition then brought it here where we immediately began nanite infusion−the only option available if this kitten was ever going to walk again.”

There was an extreme look of pride in Ethyl’s eyes as she explained what they did next.

“We extracted the kitten’s DNA and broke down the various genomes that relate to the growth of its extremities. Then, using coded stem cells fused with nanites and lizard DNA, which has the ability to rejuvenate cells, we began a series of injections and already we’re seeing results. It’s only been two weeks but each leg has grown a full quarter inch in size with no deformities or cellular degeneration. We’re very excited and hopeful that this little thing will regain the full use of all four legs.”

Author Paul T. HarryAs a young boy Paul Harry cut his teeth on Marvel Comics, Edgar Rice Burrough’s serial novels,(John Carter & Tarzan)and classic movies like “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” Paul also spent many days reading classic science fiction works by authors such as Asimov, Heinlein, Clark, Silverberg, and Bradbury to name a few.

In school his favorite subjects were English and Theater Arts. It is the combination of all of this that led him into writing, especially screenplays. Paul loves the visual medium of movies and television though too many movies today put special effects ahead of the story. He thinks the greatest compliment he’s received about his writing is that people can see the visual images he creates as he writes.

NANOVISION is his latest novel and he thinks readers will have a lot of fun with it. In writing the novel he used his forty years of experience in the Las Vegas gaming industry as a background for the story. So for those of you who might ask—Are the casino scenes real? The answer is most definitely, Yes!

His other works on Amazon are: THE 5 MOONS OF TIIANA, and THE GARDEN, The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve.


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