Monsters and Miracles

MonstersMiracles_coverXander dropped, flattening himself to the ground. Though still a couple hundred yards away, he could tell the body that emerged definitely wasn’t human–the proportions were wrong. Its arms and legs were too long. The creature appeared much taller than normal, too. It was brown from head to foot.

“I thought the aliens would be grey,” Xander whispered to himself.

Yzzie stumbled out next, falling to the ground, followed closely by another, even taller being.

“Yzzie,” Xander said out loud, unable to stop himself in time. He ducked his head to avoid detection in case they heard him. He peaked up just in time to see the larger creature jerk Yzzie to her feet. None of them glanced his way. The creatures appeared to be having an animated discussion.

The taller of the two did something that sent the shorter one tumbling to the ground. The one on the ground jumped to its feet and tackled the taller one and Yzzie. They were fighting. Even Yzzie, as strong as she was, wouldn’t stand a chance alone against two of those monsters.

Before he knew it, Xander found himself running full tilt at the huge creatures. He had to help Yzzie.

“You win,” Yzzie’s voice carried to him, “I can’t take anymore.”

They must be torturing her!

“Eeee yah!” Xander gave out a Karate-style yell as he launched himself feet first directly at the nearest alien.

The slender creature must have sensed his intention and hopped to the side. Xander sailed harmlessly past. The warning yell might have been a mistake, Xander realized a little too late.

Wayne A D Kerr was born and raised in Canada, but has lived in the United States for the past twenty years.  When not writing or reading adventure novels, he is most likely hiking, biking or playing tennis.


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