The Thunderstone

thunderstone_coverDesolation, fear and despair saturated the very fabric of the barren land.  It was not a welcoming land.  On the contrary, as far as the eye could see, it was listless movement accentuated by unending dry bare black buttes from old dormant lava flows, ragged and sharp in their outlines.  Thick patches of crimson dust, driven by a hot, piercing wind sweeping across the peaks, caressing the cliffs, swept downward into the dark infertile valleys only to soar upwards again- reaching toward the higher, cooler air. These endlessly driving mini whirlwinds caused showers of stone pebbles to cut odd shaped circular ridges into the black surfaces of the spectered rocks, scraping away any chance for life’s normal rebirth.

The strong, intense winds were the children of the many distant active volcanoes that could be seen dotting the far horizon huge mountains of fire, spiraling out lava into the hot soot laden air.  The fire mountains’ red glow and ash drenched the sky blotting out all, leaving only a foreboding auburn aura.  The land knew no day or night, only the perpetual red ashen glow.  Great threatening rumbles shook the ground, warnings of unstable footings, of huge demanding landslides that changed the very face of the land moment by moment.

Yet in this forsaken, seemingly lifeless land, came a piercing screech, slicing through the thick air as cleanly as a knife going through flesh.  An immense winged shadow filtered down to the surface, skipping over the rocks swiftly, circling, returning, searching . . .  another ear splitting screech, one of hungry frustration as the shadow continued its fervent search.

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thunderstone_authorPj Belanger has spent a good part of her life in the scenic hills of Connecticut. She was always an avid reader. “My father collected every bit of Science Fiction he could find- we would talk for hours on the subject. The Golden Age of Science Fiction is truly a love of mine.
Great writers from Heinlein to Jose Farmer to Asimov to Bloch were my idols. They were great story tellers something that influences my own work. Of course, then came Tolkien and I was hooked on fantasy too.”

After graduating from St. Francis College (UNE) in Maine, she worked in the fast pace newpaper advertising world but always had been a writer of short stories, novel length books of fiction, romance and general interest. Her work is a mixture of a three volume book series, The Houses of Storem filled with wizards, dwarfs, merrs, elfs, heroic Kings and albino Icelanders. Her Space Dectective series is just plain good sci fi fun as is her short story book.

Pj was deeply involved in writing local NASCAR Driver Profiles and has a book on The History of Stafford Speedway. “I love racing in general, but I really love the short tracks. It was a labor of love to write the racing books and I enjoyed writing a regular racing column for a local sports newspaper.”

Pj lives in Florida with husband. She enjoys time with her two grandchildren. Her life is enhanced by a trouble making miniature beagle and a mischievous cat.





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