Liminal Lights

If you look carefully amongst the trees, you just might catch a flashing glimpse of a Liminal’s light. These faerie-like creatures live deep in forgotten forests, away from the prying eyes of humans. They make their homes in the top branches of trees. The last time you walked through the forest and spotted a birds’ nest or a squirrel’s den, suspiciously surrounded by the flickering lights of fireflies, you may have actually stumbled across a carefully concealed Liminal home.

Liminals_BookCoverVER2As with all books, landscape and world building play important roles in setting the scene for “Liminal Lights”. For the most part, the Liminals exist on the edge of human existence. Technically, they aren’t supposed to interact directly with humans or let themselves be known, but sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Normally, you won’t see Liminals lurking about in the day. They easily hide in the light, using the brightness to camouflage their own powerful glow. Their own homes, located above the usual line of vision for ordinary people, shelter them from prying eyes. When a Liminal does need to venture into the realm of humanity, he does his best to conceal himself in the glow of streetlamps or the piercing rays of sunlight. Adults are less likely to recognize these mythical creatures, as their imaginations are jaded, but children and creative types can easily discern their shapes, even if they have difficulty believing their eyes.

Book one does not highlight the fantasy landscape of Liminal homes, rather it shows how easily this species slip into the fabric of human lives and surroundings. Even though they are intended to stay on the periphery, when their existence is threatened, their choices are slim, and somewhere along the way, the two worlds must meet.

liminallights_authorJ.M. Bogart believes there’s a spark of magic in every person, regardless of age or background. Her upper Middle Grade novels are written with bright and imaginative youth in mind. She hopes to provide fun and appropriate content combined with challenging language and concepts for readers drifting in those precocious middle years.

Ms. Bogart spends her days writing, editing, and caring for her very busy family. She used to dream of the day when Mary Poppins would swoop in to help with the children, but now that they are older she wishes those chaotic days filled with giggles and sunshine hadn’t disappeared quite so fast. You can follow J.M. Bogart on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog.

Publisher Website: Morning Rain Publishing


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