The Trials of Caste

trials_of_caste1“Here, there is much mention of kobolds in this last prophecy,” he said as he began to flip the pages to the writings of one who called himself ‘Morgra, Keeper of the Covenant.’  In his heart he could feel that Two-Toes’ prophecy had given him the keys to this Canticle, and that its mysteries would be held from him no longer.

As Kiria looked on, Lord Karthan silently read the Canticle of Morgra, the pull of destiny growing in his heart.  Looking over the words, his mental faculties were increased and intensified.  In a moment, it was as if his understanding had taken on a new dimension, as if words were objects and references were the events themselves playing out in his consciousness.  Words of the Canticle spawned visions in his mind, the ebb and flow of destiny unwinding in the dealings of the races was revealed to him, and the unseen urgency of this period of time in the world of Dharma Kor’s long life span was laid bare before his eyes.

There in front of him, interlaced into the Canticle, was the destiny of his race.  There in the words of the Canticle the purpose of his race’s creation was laid bare, and the part that The Creator wanted them to play in the affairs of this world was made clear.

Then, as suddenly as this great understanding was given, it was taken back from him.  It was as if great doors with bars and locks had closed in his mind.  He was left with only a deep sense of purpose.  With tears in his eyes, Lord Karthan closed the old journal and sat back in his chair, breathing a sigh of relief.  Though the knowledge had been taken back, still the shadow of the power he had felt remained.

trials_of_caste2As the intensity of the experience began to ebb, he was suddenly aware that his daughter was speaking to him as she stood there re-reading the parchment containing Two-Toes’ prophecy.

“Well, if I read Two-Toes’ prophecy right, even though the map shows that the stone was lost somewhere in the northern valley, perhaps it, and indeed all five stones, may very well be at Palacid.  And I can only think of one dwarf tomb where this key to Palacid is, I guess, and that would have to be in the Hall of the Mountain King up in the northern valley.  Perhaps that is the quest you’ve been seeking for the yearling group,” Kiria offered.

Lord Karthan looked at Kiria intensely.  “What?”

“We should send the yearling group to find the Kale Stone?” she said hesitantly.  Lord Karthan could feel the lingering confirmation that the idea she offered was not only the course of action he should choose for the yearlings’ quest, but would begin them all on the path to fulfilling these prophecies… and their destinies, as well.

“Yes!” Lord Karthan stood up.  “The yearling group shall recover the Kale Stone!”  He knew what must be done, and when he met with the gen’s council, he knew he would make the decision that would put his gen on the path toward fulfilling their destiny.

As he stood over his desk, pondering on the now dead words of the Canticle in his mind, trying to perceive the suddenly hidden meaning within the ashes of the echoes within his heart, Lord Karthan became aware of voices downstairs in the entryway to his house.  It was his chief elite warrior talking with one of the guards, bringing news that the council was gathered for the deciding of this year’s quest.

Unaware of the great event which had just occurred in the chambers of her father’s soul, Kiria stood and walked to the door of the library to answer the summons for her father.

trials_of_caste_authorJoel Babbitt is an officer in the U.S. Army and a bishop in his church.  He has spent his entire adult life living and teaching principles of leadership and team building in a warrior environment.  Joel and his family live in Maryland, USA.

@AuthorJoel on Twitter


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