Peshawar Spices by zerega

Peshawar Spices by zerega (BY-NC-ND)

There are no fewer than sixteen great gates that allow entrance into the city. The Merchant gate is used frequently; the Hallowed Ancestor, used solely for taking the bodies of honored dead and deceased, is in these times hardly used at all. But it’s the Market gate, built next to the largest stupa in the world, that leads north into the desert that is the most heavily traveled of them all, and the one most travelers see first.

Purushpur is the City of Men, an ancient center both of trade and of learning, was was founded by the Kushans two thousand years ago. As a frontier city, one perched on the edge of the vast Marpatuwar desert, it is filled with travelers, adventurers, scholars, students, merchants, poets, and wild-haired, nonsense-spouting zahedan. It is a place where Zoroastrians mix with animists and atheists; a city where all live in mutual harmony.

That was that they told themselves, even as they ignored the growing presence of the shadow creatures known as Skyggen, the heaping piles of detritus and plastic, the growing number of poor as the Autocrat siphons more money into his ceaseless war.

And nowhere in the sprawling frontier city is there a better place to find work than the tree-lined avenue called Story Teller Street.

This Purushpur is a re-imagining from Ahimsa Kerp. It lays the setting for his novel-in-progress, Yesternight.


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