The Islands of Cataractara

The Islands of Cataractara Resort and Mindfulness Retreat
Stay E.April 9th through 22nd E.2312

The Insu Lam Region is a territory on the Planet Reonim in the Cento Galaxy under the recognized authority and protection of Adjunct Slucens Space, so needless to say, making this corporate offsite was a big deal to me. Luckily this was not my first time out of Earth Federated Space, let alone off-world. I ignored my colleagues’ advice and budgeted a corridor passage to ASS and the extra expense of the Cataractara resort, because I knew having a lush alien island playground would knock the boss for a loop. The last offsite was a floating hotel on Titan with a trip to one of the methanogenic jellywhale preserves. Yeah, not very exciting.

Our island was called BoaCoaua, I think it meant crystal spring or something. Really several islands close together, some of the buildings spanned several. The first thing I noticed was the entirely human or robotic staff, not a single Slucen. Not that I minded, Reonim is in Slucens space, and we see them often enough on Earth. There were plenty at the Reonim Corridor Hub, but I know that some people find them disconcerting with their whitish, near-transparent, gelatinous bodies. Especially when they’re self illuminated. I wanted everything to be perfect.

More beautiful than the holos advert; the sky was deep blue like earth but its vast ocean was almost clear so you could see the plants and animals underneath. Reonim has a second star which shines less bright and at ‘night’, so it is never dark on the planet and tropical year round. That must be why the vegetation and the wildlife are so abundant and colorful. Contrasting the geography is the architecture, built for some other purpose when the Slucens first colonized, it had both a sleek, clean, symmetrical shape, and signs of millions of years of ruin. Of course everything had been modernized nicely, but they deliberately let some of the flora migrate and become part of the style. Dark, smooth, geometric shapes in obsidian and slate covered here and there with green vines and bright flowers, especially where an old Slucen religious statue was left.


Big Space Tentacle Monster – by Ben Thornton

There were more activities than we could manage and everything was part of the package. From simply swimming in the ocean to hunting big game, everything seemed fantastical. I can’t recommend it enough. Even the auditorium was special. It was an old Slucen temple, but the hard stone was covered in some sort of plush animal material, like comfy grey leather and all the common interfaces were easy to get to, and new. Everyone had smiles on the shuttle leaving.

Created by Benjamin Morpurgo, Adjunct Slucens Space and the galaxies it includes is one of many locations that make up the setting of the Science Fiction universe where the ‘Rock 00357’ concept is set.


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